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The Valley Of Fire....

The Valley of fire offers wedding couples one of the most stunning backdrops for their wedding. The red rock formations have increasingly become one of our most popular outdoor Las Vegas weddings. This Valley of Fire offers our guests the unique opportunity to get married at an outdoor location in Las Vegas. Alternatively what about getting married at one of the seven wonders of the world? At the Las Vegas Wedding Travel Company we offer you the opportunity to get married at The Grand Canyon! Fly over the canyon seeing some of the amazing sites and tie the knot on the west rim.

Wedding Packages

Can you imagine what your photos will look like by choosing one of these fabulous packages?! 




* Complimentary limousine service from your hotel to the courthouse to collect your marriage license, then to the Valley of Fire.

* Wedding officiant to perform your ceremony.
Professional Photographer to take 100 photos, throughout the whole experience, from pick up to drop off.

*Photos placed on a disc and ready in 24 hours.

*Bridal 12 Rose cascade bouquet.

*Groom's Rose boutonniere to match the bouquet

* Small round wedding cake.

* Complimentary bottle of Champagne.

* $60.00 Minister Fee, $60.00 license fee, $40.00 driver gratuity and $30.00 photographer gratuity fully inclusive.




* Limousine transportation 

* Private aircraft and landing site (helicopter)

* Minister to perform your nuptuals 

* Champagne, hors d'oeuvres and beverages


To find out more about getting married at the Grand Canyon, the Valley of Fire or anywhere else in Las Vegas speak to our wedding specialists who have extensive knowledge about weddings in Las Vegas and can help make your dream wedding become a reality. 


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